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There are two main branches of vessels below the carpus in the equine lower limb. Between the metacarpal and the interoseus (suspensory ligament) is the lateral/medial metacarpal vessels (2). Between the suspensory ligament and the deep digital flexor tendon is the lateral/medial palmar vessels (this is the main artery to the digit and hoof)(1).

The medial/lateral palmar vessels continue axially where they split into the medial/lateral digital arteries just above the fetlock.  The digital arties travel over the abaxial surface of the seasmoids (where they are palpable and where digital pules are frequently taken) and continue into the hoof as they travel with each side of the suspensory ligament.  The lateral digital artery is joined by the metacarpal arteries above the seasmoid bones.

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Content source: Dyce 4th ed.